Mission & Vision

 Creating a favorable environment for education in the educational institutions, making proper attention to the lessons of the students.
 As well as syllabus lessons, develop skills and knowledge of the students through school curriculum.
 Encourage the students to achieve the goodwill of the students in the overall welfare of the country.
 Promoting the glorious spirit of freedom and liberty and values of students in patriotism.
 To make a promised citizen inspired by the feelings of solidarity, diversity and mutual harmony.
 Values, teaching to be respectful of disciplinarian practice.
 Encourage honesty to take the ideal of life as a model for attaining true honesty.
 Being a developed virtuous man, to build a family, society or a wealth of the state.
 Incentive to create drug-free lives.
 Acquiring absolute tolerance through various competitions.
 To inculcate dynamic leadership qualities in each student through various co-curricular activities.